Working Effectively With People

Working effectively with people

  1. a) Right to for equal rights to access physical environment and services
  2. b) Right to fair treatment


  1. A person intending to work with individuals with disabilities should show commitment to equity and access principles for people with disability and client empowerment. Moreover, such support workers ought to have effective communication and interpersonal skills. It is also prudent for support workers to show diligence in meeting needs and upholding rights of people with disabilities.


  1. Tony’s intelligence level is likely to be low and has speech/communication problems due to difficulties in processing and understanding language.On the other hand, Max is likely to have difficulty in a variety of issues such as learning, communication, planning and poor impulse control. Tom is probably likely to have retarded development with his attention and interaction skills being poor.


  1. a) Use of motivation and special interests to encourage him to communicate.
  2. b) Total communication involving aided and unaided communication
  3. c) Labeling of feelings as they happen


  1. There is probably a communication barrier that results to suspicion and hence the worker need to show more patience and understanding to regain Tom’s confidence and prevent the development of crisis. Moreover, the worker needs to identify the possible communication barriers and minimize on them.


  1. The worker initially needs to gain their attention by taking of issues of interest to both of them. After that, the worker should cue them to talk about their problem after which he/she will offer choices on solving the problem. All along, the worker needs to show attention to both of them while facilitating effective conversation between them.


  1. The worker needs to note all the information regarding the client to understand them in a better way and noting how they present themselves. This will guide on how and where to inform them regarding their progress. The communication should entail respect for the patient, empathy and sensitivity, accurate and appropriate information and should have realistic and positive hope and messages.


  1. The worker needs to use strategies such as reflection of feelings to prompt them to react towards the implications of those feelings. Moreover, non-verbal communication can be used to supplement the decline in speech if Tom can be able to respond using sign language.


  1. Network of independent living centers


  1. The support need to identify a calming behavior applicable to Max (Community Door, n.d). The support should then formulate an efficient timeframe to communicate with the Max on the observations and with an objective of mobilizing him to react to this observations. However, the support should ensure that they give Max attention.


  1. The Applied behavior analysis model can be used to improve Tom’s social acceptance.


  1. The services include:
  • Development examinations
  • Education and training programs for workers
  • DARE admission scheme
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Home help services
  • Voluntary housing association services
  • Disabled Drivers and Passengers tax relief services
  • Chiropody services


  1. Some of the risky situations for Tom, Tony and Max, include such as family violence, drug and substance abuse, acquired brain injury, impairment of cognitive functioning, medical injury, and homelessness. Upon assessing the risk, the worker ought to inform, consult, seek specific support depending on the situation and promote engagement during the management of the crisis.


  1. The bruises are likely to indicate that Tom is a probable victim of domestic violence. The worker ought to intervene by contacting a medical practitioner and the police. Moreover, if Tome is ascertained to be frequently subject to the violence, a refuge placement may be sought.


Community Door (n.d). Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers. Queensland Council of Social service. Retrieved from

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