White Paper for an Internal Audience

White Paper for an Internal Audience

A white paper for an internal audience will seek to propose a solution to a challenge caused by factors within the organization (OWLPurdue, 2013). The white paper will focus on developing new reward and compensation strategies to improve employee performance. For a couple of months, workers in the company I work for have portrayed low motivation level, which is affecting their performance adversely. Besides, the company has experienced high turnover rates in the same period. As such, the organization has experienced lower sales; hence reduced profitability. The developed white paper would aim at increasing employee job satisfaction in a bid to influence employee productivity positively and reduce turnover rate in the firm. The white paper would create a new fair compensation package and a reward strategy done periodically to the high performing employees. The white paper will explain the problem in the company and the need to counter it. In addition, the white paper will indicate the necessity of adopting the strategies provided and their benefits to the company.

White Paper for an External Audience

In the case of an external audience, the white paper will offer various soft drink replacements that would counter the current reducing market share. I work in a soft drink company that deals in the sale of sparkling drinks. For quite some time, the company has experienced high sales and a large market share in the soft-drink industry. However, the sales have dropped in the last couple of years, a situation that is related to the change in consumer tastes and preferences. This new trend is associated with the health scare experienced globally due to the increasing health issues such as cardiovascular conditions, obesity, overweight and hypertension. As such, consumers are increasingly concerned about consuming diet-oriented soft drinks as opposed to the current sparkling beverages. This white paper will propose the manufacture of more health-oriented drinks and bottled water: products that are aligned with the current trends in the industry.




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