The Menace of Global Warming

The Menace of Global Warming

The effect of the enhanced greenhouse effect is indisputable. The issue of global warming is one of the controversial issues that has gained worldwide attention. The living condition of both people and other organisms has been jeopardized by the increasing levels of global warming. The health of the sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem has been on the blink. In light of the role that climate and weather have on earth’s inhabitants, it would be prudent to prevent further compromised integrity state of the climate. Such role will require sensitization of all human beings on the deleterious effects of global warming.

As mentioned above, global warming poses a potential threat to the sustainability of the ecosystem. The decline in global climate due to enhanced greenhouse effect will result in the decline of health index of the living organisms. Moreover, global warming is prospected to cause a decline in food security. The infrastructure and settlement will be affected due to landslides and flooding. Global warming is a potential stressor for various ecosystems. For instance, cool and cold water fish habitats have been jeopardized by global warming

One of the problems associated with global warming is the melting of ice caps and glaciers. The occurrence of such event has several possible negative effects. For instance, the problem can cause loss of species. Icecaps are home to animals such as the polar bears and musk ox. Therefore, loss of the ice caps implies a loss of biodiversity as these animals are lost along with the caps. Moreover, the melting of ice caps results in the rise of sea level that researchers have associated with effects such as flooding.

Global warming has also been shown to affect water level and rainfall patterns. The amount of rainfall has declined with water in most catchment areas decreasing in a significant amount. Decrease in rainfall has resulted in other detrimental effects of drought and desertification.

The main sectors that contribute to global warming include the electricity, industry, commercial and residential, transport and the agricultural sector. Therefore, measures aiming to prevent global warming should factor these sectors.

These effects result from global warming due to anthropogenic activities that primarily release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It would be pertinent to formulate and enact policies promoting energy conservation in these sectors. For instance, policies promoting the advancement of technology in production of machines to ensure that they run effectively should be enacted and strictly maintained. Technology is possible of offering sustained solutions to global warming.

The transport and the electricity sectors have been the largest producers of greenhouse gases. It would be essential to promote production of the automobiles and other machines in a way that ensures that they are effective in energy combustion. Facilitating recycling is also pertinent in reducing global warming. All packaging should be done in recyclable material. People should adopt environmentally friendly behaviors. Global warming is a menace to the existence of human being and other ecosystems and should be with holistic and effective policies on the sectors mainly causing it.




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