Social Work and Human Services

Students will complete a 5-10 minute presentation regarding Service Learning Project as outlined below. Presentations must be powerpoint, PREZI, and must include some visuals and/or handouts. This grade will be an average between your in-class presentation grade and evaluation from the agency where you are completin your

Service Learning Project.

This applies to the following agencies:

Hospitality Hub: Students will prepare a powerpoint presentation. Student will select an aspect of homelessness with Instructor’s approval and complete an informative presentation regarding the topic.
Be sure to discuss some background on the agency that you chose and worked with for your volunteer hours.
Relevant information such as the name of the agency, population served, types of services offered, your role, the role of your supervisor and impact on the community.
Include information on how homelessness is an issue, talk about why this is an issue in this city and other cities
Include information or thoughts on what you as a student learned from this volunteer experience
Discuss how the work that was done changed or impacted a client’s life
Give personal testimonials or reflect on an experience from the agency
Include information on how this shaped your understanding of social work and Practice I class.
Be sure to include any pictures, texts, videos or any other visual depictions on the powerpoint
Powerpoint slides should be neat and organized. Therefore, powerpoints should tell a story.
Inclusion of literature, at least 1-3 pieces of peer reviewed literature [i.e. journal article, textbook, webpage or article].
Total presentation must include at minimum 10 slides.
Below is the the agency of my choice: Agape


Speaker notes should be added

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