Social Science

The 7 Big Changes

In relation to the 7 big changes, family structure, bureaucracy and technology are the changes that have affected my grandparents the most compared to the others. My grandparents are thrilled by the fact that they can easily connect socially with other family members through means of communication such as by making phone calls unlike in their earlier years when such was not possible. However, they are not comfortable with the family change in relation to how there are weaker social bonds. Two of my uncles have divorced, an aspect that my grandparents associate with the change in the family structure in which case people are not keen on marriages. Bureaucracy changes such as increased security checks when accessing government facilities has also affected how they carry out their daily lives.

One of the 7 big changes that have the largest impact on my life is population diversity and cultural complexity. I have interacted with people of different cultural backgrounds throughout my life such as in school. Such interaction has helped me to appreciate other groups of people’s ways of life. Technology has also made an impact on my life. It has, for instance, improved means of transport that has helped me in accessing various parts of the world because I travel a lot especially during holidays. Of the 7 changes, work change will have a major effect in my life in future. New and improved ways of carrying out activities are introduced in workplaces; hence I have to be prepared for such changes.

Based on the reflection, it is evident that the impact of the 7 big changes will continue to be felt even in future. The Hourglass model further emphasizes this inference through its proposition that the 7 big changes will continually affect people’s lives.

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