Signature Assignment: Organize a Strategic Plan for the Department of Justice

Due to your prior experience in developing non-profit criminal justice-focused strategic plans, you have now been hired as a new employee/researcher in the criminal justice affairs office for the Department of Justice. Your first task is to organize a comprehensive strategic plan for the nation that addresses the nature of the criminal justice-related problems you wish to address and provides a full strategic plan that incorporates the latest technology approaches and is inclusive to all groups of people. This is a governmental strategic plan with a budget of $30 million. You will also get to decide if you wish this organization to be: 1] operating through an existing government agency or 2] if you believe a new government-run organization is needed to implement your strategic plan.

Implementing everything you have learned throughout the course in learning how to develop the basic sections of a strategic plan, state the problem you wish to address at the national level related to criminal justice matters, and then, develop an approach that addresses the following:

What problem[s] are you addressing for the nation?
Who would be managing your strategic plan once operational and where would it be headquartered?
What is the roadmap for a participant in your program from selection criteria to completion in your program at the national level?
What are the resources needed including personnel, equipment, and facilities?
Explain the basis for your budget in terms of allocation costs for all aspects of your plan as well as a realistic timeline for its implementation.
Outline how you would measure the success of your program/plan.
Discuss possible problems and/or shortcomings with your strategic plan that you believe you may encounter once the plan begins its implementation phase. **Place a special focus on whether the plan may be more successful in different parts of the nation as well as urban versus rural settings.
Specify at least 7 current references from research articles or publications that discuss the central issue noted in your brochure, in addition to these specified resources, reference any other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included. Provide your resources in an Annotated Bibliography form detailing the focus of the study, participants, and research method.

Include a minimum of 7 scholarly resources in the form of an Annotated Bibliography.

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