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Course Project: Global Business Issues in Industrial Companies



  • Group project: 1] Group formation is assigned in the first week [the maximum number of the group teammates is four]; 2] target “International Business” department from one industrial company or International Business company in the real world; 3] Develop the plan for the project including a] topic focusing, b] collect materials from the company, c] analysis methods; 4] report writing.
  • Oral Presentation: Introduction of the industrial unit your team has worked with; Explanation of all your team’s activities; Demonstration of the project results, including non-quantitative issues and quantitative issues. All oral presentation materials must be prepared by Powerpoint, so that your team can use them when giving an oral presentation to your classmates.
  • Written Report: The written report should be computer-printed, and include the following minimum components:

Ø  A cover page, which indicates the title of the report, the team and its members, affiliation, date, etc.;

  • A Table of Contents, which indicates the titles of each major sections in the report, and their page numbers;
  • An Abstract which is a very brief summary of the report [no more than 2/3 of a page];
  • Introduction which describes the topic background of the company;
  • Body of the report, which should be divided as several sections based on your need. This part is the core of the report which reflects what you or your group has done or analyzed in this topic; all the completed work should be well organized and reflected in this part.  If there are some drawing, curves, figures, etc., they should be arranged in a proper section;
  • Conclusion remarks reflecting the results or summary from your project work;
  • Bibliography [References];
  • Appendices, at least, one is required which is the Team Records.
  • Nine pages [double space] not including the pages for “appendices”.

Task due date:

Presentation and report: the dates will be announced when approaching May 30th.



Rubrics for the Assessment of the Project





  1. The grade for the report


  • At least nine pages [double space] from cover page to acknowledgement [20].
  • Well organization from abstract, introduction, analysis, conclusions, references to acknowledgement [10].
  • Well writing in a fashionable style and professional words [15].
  • Good analysis based on the solid standpoints or project questions to solve [35].
  • Justified results and managerial implications [20].

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