Raising Capital to Host

How would you go about raising capital to host a sporting event in your area?  Please use specific examples, ideas, or personal experiences.

The importance of sports in the society cannot be overemphasized. Some of the importance of sports include such as it helps in achieving national/societal cohesion and welfare and helps in improving the health status of the participants. Often, there is a need to hold sports occasions at such as the societal or national level. Such events require finances. The following sections discuss some of the various ways I have observed to be effective in raising capital for hosting a sports event and which I could use for the same.

One way of raising money is by the use of trivia competition. This method involves organizing for a competition during which participants are asked various questions related to sport or any other area as long as it excites them. During such competitions, an entrance fee is charged on all the attendants while participants of the competitions are charged an admission fee.

Another way of raising money that I have observed to be quite useful is the, ‘I won’t come down until…,’ event. During this event, a renown member of a community is detained or placed on top of a house, with their permission, until a fundraising goal is met. Car wash events can also be used to raise money for a sports event. During such occasions, I would organize a car wash event for which a fee that is to be used for facilitating the sports event is paid for the services offered.

Holding a player auction is also an efficient way to fundraise capital. During this occasion, renown players are auctioned with the money being used for the charity event. Talent shows are also effective in fundraising money. Tickets for attending the events are sold and the money used for organizing for the sports events. Street carnivores also do the magic in fundraising. In such a case, I would approach various social welfare organizations into a single street carnivore during which an entrance fee is paid and also money obtained from such as playing games.

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