Public Administration: Policy Report

The final report should be about 4 pages including graphics and tables and demonstrate your understanding of the issues and concepts covered in the class. The report must contain empirical analysis in the form of tables, graphs, and hypothesis tests. The objective is to “translate” statistical information for a policymaker. Write your report for the client [a non-statistician] but include enough information for a statistician to evaluate what you’ve done [often in footnotes and appendices]. The memo will be graded on content, analytic reasoning, analytic techniques, clarity of writing, and graphical presentation. You are encouraged to make full use of statistical software, word processing, and graphics packages to put your results in an attractive, readable form.

Required elements of Policy Report:
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Executive summary [1/2 page or less]:
Identify the client, research question, and a brief summary of the results.
Construct a research question:
What question will you answer for your client?
Describe your data source:
What is the source of your evidence? What are the limitations of the data for your question?

You need to write:
Present your evidence:
Provide appropriate statistics, figures, and charts. YOU MUST PROVIDE t or Z stats, confidence intervals, or p values for every “claim” you make.
Tell client how good this information is [give caveats about data or methods] and how to get better information:
Do these data answer the questions?
Give your conclusions and policy implications:
What should your client do with this information? Can you identify follow-up research questions?

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