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Since 90’s, G-star has been famous for its use of a variety of denim cloth among the consumers. It has been credited with first ever trousers that were created as part of 3D design. The head designer of the company was able to introduce the classic “Elwood” in the year 1996 as wearable try out in function and form with comfortable, fashionable, forward thinking and accessible. The company was able to sell over 10 million all over the world where the water-soaked biker pant highly prompted the design. It has a shape that was based on the three dimension fit (Campoa, 2008).

It is evident that consumers, according to two different age groups, perceive G-star in slightly distinct ways. It is worth noting that, there are different characters that are assigned within a range of products in the groups a factor that indicates different drivers in the process of decision making. In general, the name and the images of the company have an impact on the consumer purchase decisions (Maltzahn, 2013). G-star has been able to distinguish itself from other producers of clothes. The process tends to be timeless and most directed to individual and hence being independent of the international fashion trends. The company claims that it focuses on the production of classic products rather than consideration of general development in the markets. Consumers consider the firm to have a capacity of developing clear cut with recognized focus of the market position. It is evident that G-star feeds the market with brand sheer size as well as global expansion and product diversification process (Campoa, 2008). The products are not coordinated with the consumer’s current demands and the company’s international market orientation. Hence, greater products do meet the taste of global consumers not considering consumer base, national styles or any temporary fads (Maltzahn, 2013).

However, an interesting fact is that, among the young consumers, there is small distribution all over the dimensions incorporating fashion and rivals within the same segment. As well, G-star has been able to strike a deal between outspoken products and casual one. In fact, G-star does presume hybrid position in the street fashion and other understated styles hence being able to supply the market with exciting cloth products offered at affordable prices. In general, the company tends to be attractive to consumers who search for up to date who have trust of finding the product that suit them (Maltzahn, 2013).

G-star operates under the motto of “Just the Product” and this inspired the company to start pioneering on the use of raw and dark denim. In 1990’s, G-star extended its scope with a focus on the various styles. In general, the firm products do slate that comprises nine clothing lines for individuals (Osborne, 2010). There is a season which tends to change regularly that consist of basic and a cutting edge with an incorporate approach where leisure is navigated between the fashion looks and leisure wear. Raw Essential come with a limited quantity with an aim of asserting the firm’s position within the upscale denim segment (Maltzahn, 2013). The product is made from Italian and Japanese selvedge denim that is rich with innovative cuts, functional attributes as well as authentic details.

Shopping trend of G-star’s customers have changed their shopping trend. People have resulted to online shopping with the increased embracement of technology. G-star has changed its operations to reflect the changing consumer trend. The company established online stores where its customers can shop online (Maltzahn, 2013). G-star has also incorporated a diverse range of products and design to meet the demands posed by the new market trend that requires highly diversified products. Maltzahn further explains that G-star has extended its products scope to comprise a broad range of styles such as RAW Sustainable and the Laundry Army to give customers a wide range of products from where they can choose.

The essence of adverting is to demonstrate a company’s unique and diversified perspectives. According to Campoa (2008), G-star has been advertising their products through print and environmental campaigns and publications. Moreover,  WeTransfer (2015) state that G-star also uses celebrity advertising method. However, these methods do not capture a significant number of market segments compared to other advertising strategies. Therefore, the company needs to embrace an advertisement methods that facilitates reaching a high market size and demonstrate the uniqueness of their products to increase customer’s top of mind awareness. Jian and Yazdanifard (2015) explain that use of online banner ads and video ads especially of their stores can be useful in reaching out to large and diversified market segments. It is also worth noting that search engines can be an efficient method of advertising the company’s products. This inference follows from the fact that search engines will help the company to target potential customers. Search engines will expose interested customers to the company’s stores where they can watch video ads about the company stores.




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