PNP Assignment #2: Personal Nutrition History


For this PNP assignment, you will take a trip down your own personal memory lane of eating. You will reflect on your eating habits over your lifespan and related factors. To evaluate your personal nutrition history a variety of methods are applied, including the gathering and analysis of personal nutrition history data, as well as identifying variables in your environment that have impacted your food choices throughout your lifespan.

Instructions and Checklist

For this personal nutrition portfolio [PNP] assignment, you will complete and submit the following information for this assignment:



  1. Step 1: Develop your personal timeline of your eating habits and
  2. Step 2: Analyze your personal timeline and history of your eating habits and
  3. Step 3: Evaluate your family/household’s retrospective eating pattern by EITHER
    1. submitting a food family tree OR
    2. submitting your top ten most memorable meals
  4. Step 4: Reflect on the data you collected from Step 1 and 2: Personal Nutrition Timeline and History Activity, and the data you provided for Step 3: Family/Household’s Eating
  5. Step 5: Complete 1 additional




Note: As a reminder, if you are using GSuite and need assistance with setting up and/or completing this PNP assignment, refer to the Personal Nutrition Portfolio [PNP] module for instructions. The PNP module also includes a PNP Startup Guide, which may be helpful in setting up your portfolio. If you have any questions about the assignment, reach out to your instructor.

Step 1: Develop Your Personal Timeline of Your Eating Habits and Behaviors

Develop a personal timeline of the past 5 years related to your eating habits and behaviors.



To develop your personal timeline related to your eating habits and behaviors, complete the following items:


  1. Create a timeline labeled for the last five You should use your age as the marker for each time point. The

latest [last, farthest right] time point on your timeline should be your current age.

 Examples of Eating Habits and Behaviors.
  • Select at least 3 factors and document each year Click on the Examples of Eating Habits and Behaviors button to view examples.


  1. Fill in your timeline for each year with the common themes you’ve Feel free to include photos and other information – get creative! Text boxes with short quotes or bullet points can help jog your memory about that time.


Compare and contrast years on your timeline and consider the top 3 recommendations from your PNP Assignment #1: Current [Baseline] Eating Pattern in a 150-word analysis.


Step 2: Analyze Your Personal Timeline and History of Eating Habits and Behaviors


Step 2a. Compare and contrast data of interest in your timeline.

Consider your top 3 recommendations from your PNP Assignment #1: Current [Baseline] Eating Pattern. Have you met the recommendations in the past? Did you find anything that surprised you?

Step 2b. Consider the following questions but feel free to come up with your own.

You must identify and answer at least 5 questions for this activity.


  1. What were some of your favorite foods as a child?
  2. What were some foods you did not enjoy as a child?
  3. What people, places, or things around you influenced your food choices?
  4. What eating habits have changed for you throughout your lifespan?
  5. Over the years, do you find yourself eating more or less frequently?
  6. Have you always eaten or avoided breakfast?
  7. Have you been thinking about what and when you eat?
  8. Are there certain eating habits you’ve had throughout your life?
  9. Do you feel like you were given the tools to eat well as a child?
    1. If yes, what were those tools?
    2. If no, what tools would help you? What are your knowledge gaps?

Step 3: Family/Household’s Eating Pattern


Evaluate your family/household’s retrospective eating pattern by EITHER


  1. submitting a food family tree OR
  2. submitting your top ten most memorable meals
  3. By retrospective eating pattern we mean by “looking back on or dealing with past events or situations” [Oxford English Dictionary].




In this activity, you will reflect on family/household meals throughout your life.


Note: Choose one [1] of the two options to complete this exercise. Whichever option you choose to respond to, make sure you address ALL of the questions for that option.

Option 1: Draw a Family Food Tree

  1. Names of Individuals: Start with the names of people in your family/household—the more multigenerational the better! Feel free to include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and people who are not related but who you ate with



  1. Get visual! Include representative or actual photos to bring your entry to
  2. Be creative—take some time to reflect on the history of your community meal experiences throughout your
  1. Food Items and Information: Add information about foods that you ate with them, or foods that remind you of Feel free to include holiday meals or other special occasions that come to mind. We have provided the following items as examples to get you started:
    1. Grandma’s Thanksgiving Dinner
    2. Weeknight dinners with my brother and sister usually consisted of .
    3. When I go home, I look forward to eating my neighbor’s kielbasa!
    4. Growing up we ate out at a fast-food restaurant almost every single
  2. Additional Activities: Check out some of the Additional Activities that are included with this assignment that would complement the creation of your Family Food

Option 2: Identify/Discuss Your Top 10 Favorite or Most Memorable Meals

  1. Include information about the context of the meal—holiday, birthday, every day or typical meal, homemade, restaurant,
  2. Include known ingredients—do the best you can!
  3. Note the frequency this meal was prepared or
  4. If you have photographs, recipes, documentation related to these meals feel free to include them as
  5. Consult relatives for confirmation of your reflection if possible.

Step 4: Reflect on Data You Have Collected

Reflect on the data you collected from Step 1: Personal Nutrition Timeline and History Activity, and the data you provided for Step 2: Family/Household’s Eating Pattern.



Compose a 150-word reflection, by commenting on the following items:


  1. What did you discover when you compared your Personal Nutrition Timeline and History and your Family/Household

Eating Pattern? Refer to the following questions to assist you with your comparison. Feel free to note other discoveries you may have noticed.

  1. Are you eating similar to the ways you ate when you were younger?
  2. How do your eating habits differ from your family/household?
  3. Have your eating habits changed since coming to college?
  4. Are you currently eating your favorite foods? If not, why not?
  1. Based on what you learned about your present and past eating habits, identify at least two areas of nutrition you would like to explore


Step 5: Complete 1 Additional Activity


Complete 1 additional activity for this assignment.

After completing the first three portions of this assignment, now complete one [1] additional activity. The following is a list of activities you can select from:

Mindful Eating: The Art of Presence While You Eat     [ url=] : Review this document, Mindful Eating: The Art of Presence While You Eat, and consider the list of attitudes associated with mindful eating and living mindfully. Select 2 attitudes that you identify with given what you’ve found in your Personal Retrospective Analysis. Explain your selection in a 150-word reflection.

How to Use Your Hand to Measure Portion Sizes     [] : After

watching How to Use Your Hand to Measure Portion Sizes from CHI Health, consider your skillset in this area. Have you been aware of portion size? In a 150-word reflection, explain what you learned in this video and how it will inform your future food portions, or not!

FoodData Central     [] : Using the FoodData Central Tool, evaluate the nutrients in some of your favorite foods [you must calculate a total of at least 4]. Compare and contrast at least 2 foods from your baseline eating pattern [PNP Assignment #1] against foods identified in your personal nutrition history [PNP Assignment #2] in a 100-word reflection. Discuss portion size as part of your response.

CDC’s Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity: Data, Trends, and Maps [] : Explore the CDC’s Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity: Data, Trends, and Maps site and select a location of your choice in the United States, OR select a category of your choice for all locations. After you have taken time to review the data you’ve selected, write a 150-word summary of what you have observed and learned through this exploration.

E-Cigs. Take time to review the following two resources on electronic cigarettes from the CDC:

Electronic Cigarettes [Smoking and Tobacco Use]      [ cigarettes/index.htm]

Know the Risks: E-cigarettes and Young People      []

After you’ve evaluated these documents, write a 150-word reflection on the health risks related to e-cigarette use. Interview a family/household member for your Personal Nutrition History: Conduct an interview with a family member about the historic eating pattern that they have observed. Ask them questions about meal frequency, food availability, and general eating practices. Ask them about their perspective of how things have changed over their

lifetime with regards to their own eating pattern. Document this interview through audio or video capture [minimum 5 minutes] in your PNP and write a 150-word reflection on what you learned through this experience. How does your family member’s eating pattern compare to your data collected as well as your own baseline eating pattern?

Interview a parent or guardian about your Personal Nutrition History: In an interview with a parent or an adult who took care of you as a young child, discuss your journaling entry that is part of your Personal Nutrition History. Ask them questions about your dietary intake that you could not remember or perhaps do not know:

Were you breastfed? Any infant illness?

Are any eating habits worth mentioning? Food aversions?

Food favorites?

Document this interview through audio or video capture [minimum 5 minutes] in your PNP and write a 150-word reflection on how your own Personal Nutrition History compares to the data you’ve received from your parent/guardian.


Submission and Grading

Refer back to the beginning of these assignment instructions, section Instructions, and Checklist, to make sure you have completed all of the steps before submitting your assignment.

Once you have completed all of the steps, submit your assignment using one of the following methods [Note: This will depend on how you completed your own work.]:

a PDF or DOC document from your GSuite account a DOC document from Microsoft Word

Make sure everything is in your own words and that anything you paraphrase has been paraphrased appropriately. Make sure that you submit the correct file[s]. Be sure to make sure your assignment uploaded correctly and is the correct version.

Contact the HelpDesk or your instructor if you have questions.


Refer to the PNP Assignment #2 Rubric for grading expectations, which can be found with this assignment. Check the Course Calendar or Syllabus for due dates.

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