Patient Safety Case

Discussion Questions:

The video lists three principles of reliable design and how the zoo applies them in the setting of venomous snakes. How have you seen the same principles applied elsewhere? List at least one example from health care or another hazardous setting and discuss in a minimum of 3-4 sentences for each question.
Reptile Keeper Michele Hoffman says that teamwork and a culture of transparency and trust is important to protecting safety. How do you think teamwork promotes each of the principles of reliable design?
What would happen if the zoo waited to redesign its systems until an actual failure — not just the possibility of a failure — had occurred? In your experience, are health systems more often proactive or reactive when it comes to addressing safety issues? [Explain in a minimum of 3-4 sentences for each question].
In patient safety, defects in the design of a system are called “latent errors” — errors waiting to happen. Can you think of an example of a latent error from the zoo that the staff took action to address? Have you seen examples of latent error in health care? [Respond in a minimum of 3-4 sentences for each question].

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*I am not grading for APA format nor references in this discussion. Your responses should be thorough, effective scholarly writing through continuity, good sentence flow, conciseness, and clarity. Responses must be a minimum of three-four sentences for each discussion question. Avoid grammatical errors and typos. Proofread before submitting.

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