Outline and Theoretical Framework

Outline and Theoretical Framework

The prospectus template proposes for a clear organization and support for major themes to ensure that it is brief and to the point. The same ideas are reiterated in a guideline for academic proposals by Pajares (2007). The outline Has been brief in stating major themes and their supporting ideas. The framework also provides a rationale for the selection of the various themes as required by the prospectus. It was also crucial for the literature outline to have adequate and related support from previous studies. The use of previous literature in the framework is extensive to ensure that it comprehensively captures a holistic grasp of the topic covered.

Jabareen (2009) highlights that a framework needs to be organized in such a way that every theme has an integral role. The prospectus also required that the arguments are distinctive and sufficiently compelling. The outline vividly captures these aspects in which case every theme considered gives a distinctive role that is core to the study. Moreover, the construct is organized in such a way that it contributes towards enhancing of students’ training in accord to the skills required. According to Nilsen (2015), one of the requirements of a theoretical framework is that it should explain reasons for implementation. This fact is emphasized further by the prospectus that requires a relationship in the various themes. The construction of the outline is in such a way that it creates an emphasis on a form of training that reflects the work requirements.

However, the framework fails to offer support using previous literature to some of the themes. This failure compromises on the validity of these arguments and hence needs revision.




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