4,000 word case study of the organisation for which you work [or for which you have worked in the recent past, or have some other involvement]. You may choose any organisation [public, private or not‐for‐profit] with which you are familiar. The case study should describe and critique the risk management process of the organisation [or, for a large organisation, part of it such as the division or subsidiary with which you are associated] and include in your analysis aspects relating to all the following elements of the risk management process: – identification of risks – analysis – measurement – control. The analysis should also include a 1-2 page summary risk response plan exhibit, summarising major risks [or a selection of them if there are many], their impact, likelihood, and control strategy. I am not looking for an essay on risk management in general, nor a series of definitions, nor a summary of the material covered in the module – I am looking to see how well you can use the concepts you have learned to analyse the operation of your case study organisation. The analysis must be critical, by relating it to the theory that you have learned from published source [preferably peer reviewed articles or textbooks] or standards [or legislation].
Apply as many of the concepts covered in this module as you can; the learning
outcomes of the module can serve as a guide to ensure you cover all the critical areas:
1. Critically evaluate theories and practices in risk management
2. Critically analyse various practices in risk management
3. Evaluate and apply sustainable risk management and practices.

A 6 part tool for assessing nd ranking risks
risk analysis tools and management practicing to control transportation project costs
5 steps to risk assessment
Aims and Principles of Risk
Strategic Thinking in Risk Management
RiskRisk Response
Risk Reporting and Assurance
Sustainability and Risk Management

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