Leadership Studies

Assignment 3: Planning and Implementing the Effective Flow of People Within the Organization – Instructions and Submission


In this module, you have worked through the entire forecasting, planning, and recruitment process. In this assignment, you will apply the concepts related to forecasting and planning to the work group.

This assignment will comprise of 25 per cent of your final course grade and will be marked out of 100.


Part A: Define Your Work Group, Goals, and Competencies [30 marks]

  1. Describe each position in the work group. Refer to the staffing chart you created and attach it to your finished assignment.
  2. Define your organization using the hedgehog theory [What can it be the best at—what drives its economic engine?].
  3. Describe the business outcomes and goals of the workgroup.
  4. Describe three core competencies required for your work group or organization overall to thrive. [Write a definition for each core competency.]
  5. Assess each person in your work group to your list of core competencies. Identify any competency gaps in your work group.

Part B: Assess Needs and Labour Markets [30 marks]

  1. Describe the staffing needs for your work group in the next two to three years. State the assumptions you presume will influence your organization.
  2. Describe the supply and demand for labour for each position within your workgroup.
  3. Explain how you would modify the work being done by existing staff to adjust to conditions in two to three years. This is your greatest opportunity to be creative—would shifting some duties make more sense?

Part C: Prepare to Fill a Vacancy [40 Marks]

  1. One of the positions listed in the work group [in Part A of this assignment] has become vacant. Develop the following tools to fill the vacancy:

Job advertisement. Write a job advertisement for this position and remember to clearly define the skills and abilities you are looking for.

Advertisement strategy. Create an advertisement strategy for this position including a budget for advertising expenses.

Selection process. Design a selection process for the position that may include testing [if required] and selection interview questions. Explain who will interview the candidates and why they are on the committee.

Interview questions. [List the interview questions [10 to 15] you would ask when interviewing an applicant for the position. Clearly link the questions to the competencies you are looking for [an easy way is to use the competencies as subtitles in your list of questions].

  • Use behavioural questioning strategy by framing the questions so that they probe recent past experiences [as a predictor of future behaviour].
  • Design each question so that the candidate is encouraged to provide a full and detailed response.
  • Consider additional probing questions, which might really get the candidate thinking. For example: “What if it hadn’t worked out so well? What would you have done?” or “Tell me more about the difficult employee.”
  1. Create an assessment grid for this interview.
    • What kind of scale will you use to assess the candidate?
    • If you think formal testing will be required, how will you rank the importance of the testing, the interview, and the references?

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