Fire Protection and Detection Systems




Each student is required to complete a descriptive research report, in APA format, discussing the elements of a means of egress as it relates to Fire Protection and Detection Systems. Please address the following items in your work:


  • Identify and describe the elements of a means of
  • Identify a building that contains each of the elements of a means of

o Include a picture of each of the elements in your work.

  • Discuss the importance of the means of egress to
  • Discuss my you chose the building that you did and special considerations that may have influenced your selection.
  • Describe why, if at all, means of egress are of importance to
  • Discuss how, if at all, understanding of the means of egress might enhance firefighter


*   Use Times New Roman font size 12 for your class project.


  • Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA], 6th edition as reference to complete the class


*   Never plagiarize! Submit your own work! Paraphrase and site the author.


Take the following steps to complete this assignment:

Read Chapter 13 of the course textbook.


  1. Review the Lesson 14 Power Point


  1. Review the supplemental artifacts provided in the Lesson 14


  1. Conduct additional research as you deem


  1. Read and study the information collect during your


  1. Write a descriptive research paper which provides a meaningful conclusion and/or summary that is based on the material presented in the body of your work. This descriptive research paper/article must include all of the following:


  • Title Page: The title page should conform to APA style and “A title should summarize the main idea of the paper simply and, if possible, with style”. (Use sample title page attached to syllabus).


  • Introduction. The introduction must be no more than two paragraphs and must define the The introduction discusses the purpose and scope of your work.


  • Literature Review: A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) pages review of the literature. This is where you provide information about the topic. Do not editorialize, rationalize, or make judgments about the material. Just report (review) what you found in the literature. (This section follows your one or two paragraph introduction with no “white-space” between the two. You should begin to use level one, two, and three headings, refer to the APA Guide (page 62) for additional


  • Conclusion and/or Recommendation: The Conclusion and/or recommendation section should be a minimum of 1 paragraph. The Conclusion and/or Recommendation section is where you use your thoughts and ideas on the subject explored, combined with what you have learned from your sources, to make a statement of conclusion and/or make recommendations. Most of the conclusion should be in your own words (but use 3rd person) and should express knowledge of the subject. However, do not personalize your writing (never use first person, I, we, you, etc.). Your writing must be professional in nature, must not ramble or generalize, must address the topic, and must provide specifics. Include in-text citations where


It is very important to relate the conclusions to your academic major (fire service) or profession. Try to include examples as to how what you have written about relates to the major.


  • Reference Page: The Reference Page should list all of the sources used to support your work. The Reference Page should be formatted in accordance with APA Remember, each entry on the Reference Page must have corresponding in-text citation. Use a minimum of one reference, which may be your textbook.


  1. Review these resources for assistance with APA writing requirements for this course and program:






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