Film & Theater studies
Write: Answer questions about Rear Window, two pages total in MLA format, with 12-point type and double line spacing.

1] Summarize the film as usual. Remember all three parts of a good summary. Don’t look online for a summary. Use your own ideas and words. Beware of plagiarism.

2] What are two major themes of the film? Give detailed descriptions of examples from the film to support or explain your claim. [At least one full paragraph].

3] Using the ideas and terms from the textbook chapter on Cinematography, discuss with detailed examples one scene in Rear Window, describing and interpreting how the camerawork helps to tell the story, develops our understanding of a character or characters, expresses themes. This could include camera angles [low, high, tilted, etc], lens focal length [wide angle or telephoto], focus, camera distance from the subject [also called frame size, from close up to long shot], and/or camera movement [pan, tilt, dolly in/out, crane up/down, tracking]. Blocking could also be important. [One to two paragraphs.]

4] Use the concepts in the textbook chapter on Editing to discuss with detailed examples one scene or a structural aspect of the film that depends on editing for its meaning or emotional impact. For example, how does editing create meaning, explore character, advance the story, or control whose point of view we experience the story from? Remember that editing is about the sequence of shots and cuts and how that the juxtapositions of shots in that sequence can create meanings in the mind of the viewer. Editing patterns in the Continuity Style can also hide the cuts and help immerse the viewer in the illusion of a continuous time, space, and story.
[One to two paragraphs].

5] We experience world of the film entirely from Jeff’s subjective point of view in his apartment. What effect does this have on the audience’s experience of the story? Describe a particular scene when the limits of that specific point of view play a key role in our understanding. What does that point of view mean for the film as a whole? Does our understanding of the story differ from Jeff’s? Explain. [One to two paragraphs].

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