Ethnic tourism

Ethnic tourism: A study of the motivation, expectations, attitudes and experiences of tourists from the USA

Why writing about this topic is beneficial

Ethnic tourism is a situation where travelers from far-off places visit new environments and experience the practices of another culture first hand (Chetthamrongchai, 2017). Through this study, I will get firsthand information about the motivation, expectations, attitudes and experiences of USA tourists who have visited new communities outside the country (Bochner, 2003). Besides, I will attain a deeper understanding of the study topic such as the factors that inform people’s desire to visit new communities and how they handle culture shock. Moreover, the study will be pertinent informing about tension and fears that people have when interacting with new communities and the feelings and attitudes of the host culture towards the visitors from the tourist’s point of view. The study will also inform on transformations experiences by ethnic tourism and give insight on future trends.

Thesis Statement

This paper will seek to evaluate ethnic tourism from a holistic and specific perspective by analyzing global information about the topic and as it relates to the USA. The paper will also analyze the motivation towards ethnic tourism among the visitors, their expectations, attitudes and experiences in the new/host society.



Approach to the subject

This paper will first take a holistic examination of the subject of ethnic tourism around the world. The study will also evaluate the past, current and future trends surrounding ethnic tourism. The research will then narrow down the topic to ethnic tourism in the USA and seek to understand the motivations, expectations, experiences and attitudes of the tourists who have visited different destinations in the world an issue raised by Wong, Ronnie and Calvin (2013). The researcher will use random sampling to identify the desired participants. Questionnaires and interviews will be used for collecting data. Data collected will be analyzed using SPSS while tabular and graphical forms will be used to present findings obtained. Some of the keywords used will include ethnic tourism, culture shock, exotic cultures, ethnic reunion and indigenous communities.

Kinds of sources



  • Tourism Management
  • Current Issues in Tourism
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism
  • Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • Contemporary Management Research
  • Journal of tourism and hospitality



  • Scientific American
  • National Geographic





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