English 101

Length: 1200-1600 words

Assignment Description

Following our discussions of Pulido, you will now use their theoretical perspective as a lens for your analysis of one of the issues we have discussed in our Water as Politics section. You may do Hurricane Maria, Flint, or DAPL. You will apply Pulido’s theories and methods to this real world event [through the class texts on whichever event you choose] in order to develop a deeper understanding of the situation and place it within a theoretical framework. Think of the real world events as test cases to determine the applicability and accuracy of Pulido’s concepts.


As a working strategy, you should outline the concepts you intend to use from the secondary source [Pulido] as well as brainstorm your initial analysis of the primary texts you have chosen; this approach should help you avoid a summary of either as you work with them for this paper. You should work closely with the texts as you have done all semester, using them as evidence to support your claims and as material for further analysis. This paper should not be a matching exercise in which you seek out only those instances in which the lens fits easily with the primary source. While you should elaborate on these instances, you should not ignore the moments that provide contradiction— seek out differences. Feel free to challenge the limitations of the lens as you apply it to the primary texts. Feel free to use this opportunity to critique elements of the theoretical lens that you find lacking and inaccurate as it pertains to the topic you choose to apply it to.


Supplementary links are provided on Blackboard for further background information on each test case. This is not a research paper and you should keep your analysis rooted in the provided readings. For this assignment, you may use a maximum of two outside sources.


Assignment Process Requirements

  • First Draft
  • Peer Review and Revision Plan
  • Second Draft revised after peer comments
  • Final revised after Professor’s comments

To meet the contract, all work must be complete and on time. Also, drafts must display substantive growth and development from one version to the next.


Standard Formatting, a la the Syllabus, is required. Reminder: All components must be turned in on time for the entire paper to be considered complete. Outlines are not rough drafts and will not be considered as meeting the assignment criteria.



Requirement y/n
Draft meets the minimum word count.  
Free of obtrusive errors that impede basic comprehension and understanding.  
Has a concise intro that ends with a thesis statement that clearly and effectively guides the readers’ expectations for the paper.  
Follows Pulido’s Structure by discussing the status quo, its history, and evaluates the states’ role.  
Accurately applies Pulido’s terminology and concepts to the test case.  
Suggests a solution to the test case using based on equality, equity, or justice.  
Correctly uses APA in-text citation and works cited.  


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