Empathy and Generalist Practice Discussion Board

Empathy and Generalist Practice Discussion Board

In expressing empathy to my client, I would ensure that he feels that we are on the same emotional level. I would demonstrate that I understand his pain and avoid words that may make him feel inferior when expressing himself regarding his situation. Expressing empathy is different from showing sympathy. Showing sympathy involves conveying pity to a person and this may make him/her feel inferior or disempowered. Disempowerment may affect how my client relates with me unlike empathy that strengthens the relationship between a worker and a client.

In relation to my client’s situation, cognitive-behavioral theory would be beneficial for him. Cognitive-behavioral theory argues that the feelings of a person determine how he or she behaves. Taking a deeper understanding of how my client feels would guide me in coming up with ways to assist him . Since this approach has been proved effective in intervening for situations similar to my client’s, I would be confident in utilizing it to assist him.

Both group therapy and individual therapy would be appropriate for my client. Group therapy brings together people who are facing a particular situation. This would be beneficial to my client as it may give him the hope that he can overcome his situation by listening to other peoples’ experiences. Individual therapy, on the other hand, involves building an effective client-worker relationship. This approach would make my client confident in expressing his feelings about his situation and this may play a major role in the way I would assist him.

Confidentiality is one of the ethical challenges that may be problematic for me in this case study. My client may have the fear that I may disclose his feelings to other people. In case this happens, I will have difficulties in assisting him. According to NASW Code of Ethics, one of the ways to resolve such a challenge is through assuring my client that I will not break privacy through sharing the information that he provides with other people. In relation to my case study, I can rank the importance of all social worker core values as dignity and worth of the person, service, social justice, human relationships importance, integrity and competence.

The question for the case would be:

What role does my client play to determine the choice for the person to adopt him?


This case study portrays one of the primary mandates of a social worker. Social workers are supposed to help people in the society to have a better life. in this case, there is the need to help Tony. The right way to help Tony is through his grandmother who is seeking assistance to be his legal guardian. There is also the option of making his biological father his guardian. However, the authority appears to be reluctant on the matter and it is clear that there is institutional discrimination. A social worker, therefore, needed to intervene to assist him. I am impressed by the way you have addressed the issues regarding social work in this paper. Your arguments and choice of words relate to the areas that we have covered in class regarding the case study. However, in the fourth question, it could have been better if you explained the ethical challenge and a solution to overcome it using the NASW code of ethics. In spite of this objection, it is important to observe that your work is excellent.

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