Discussion Essay

Discussion 1: Practice Relaxation Techniques [same book as Discussion 2-Chen

Try at least two of the relaxation techniques [AEROBIC EXERCISE, PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION-see attached] a few times each. Keep a brief journal of each of your experiences with these techniques, including specific thoughts about how you felt [stress-wise] before, during AND after each practice. Take notes about any physical or emotional sensations that arise or dissolve during the practice. After practicing several times, write what you experienced. Include the effect your experience has on how you deal with stress. Write your thoughts about how or when the technique might be best applied [e.g., after a really stressful day, just before going to sleep, just before a speech or interview, etc.].
Make clear, explicit and direct connections to your textbook and class materials. Cite your sources.

Discussion 2: Textbook Reflections
Complete these five reflections: [SEE ATTACHED]

11.1-alcohol 0, Tobacco 0, Blood Pressure 1, Weight/Body 1, Physical Fitness 1, Stress/Anxiety 2, Car Safety 5, Relationships 2, Rest/Sleep 1, Life Satisfaction 1
11.5-Regretful splurge spending on 83 inch OLED 4K tv for $6999.99 [cancel and impulsive purchase]. Eat out for Dinner 2-3 times a week

These reflections are quite personal. Write one insight you had about your reflections.

Creative Project: Meditation Techniques
Pick one to three different types of Meditations or Contemplations [e.g., Centering Prayer, LovingKindness Meditation, etc.] to try, and practice several times this week. Journal about your experience through writing, drawing, painting, photography, etc. or a combination of approaches. Take photographs or make scans of your journaling. Include a brief [1-2 page] paper explaining which technique[s] you tried and how your journal expresses your experience with the techniques. ATTACHED IS A CONTEMPLATIVE TREE FOR SOME SUGGESTIONS
Include a comment about your perception of the techniques and what surprised you the most about them. Clearly and directly connect your techniques to the contemplative practices from class content. Cite your sources. Post a question based on your experience to consider.

Cites Sources 3-4

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