Department of Human Resources

Department of Human Resources


The Department of Human Resources (DHR) is an agency in the United States that is run independently by states. DHR agencies aim to support state governments to attract, retain and reward a diverse and talented workforce that has the necessary skills to help their organizations achieve set goals in a cost friendly and efficient manner (Alabama Department of Human Resources, n.d.). DHR is valuable to state governments since it provides them various tools requisite for human resource management. State governments, with the help of DHRs, are hence able to execute strategies, build management infrastructure, promote professional and personal development of employees and manage transition and change. In addition to focusing on employees and professionals in different fields of work, various Departments of Human Resources have Child Support Divisions. Via these divisions, DHRs can support impoverished children, issue guidance on the payment of child support, and in some cases, promote education of children through various programs.

Services Provided

Departments of Human Resources offer many services to citizens. One of these services relates to Benefits and Wellness. DHRs administers and manages benefit programs that serve active employees, retirees and the eligible dependents of either of the two (City & County of San Francisco, n.d.). These kinds of services include dental insurance, health plan options, life insurance and other programs for dependent care and medical expenses. These agencies also work to enhance the health of employees by educating, supporting and providing information on health matters. DHRs are also involved in compensation of employees. Examples of this role include control of exempt pay plans and hire-into-range (HIR) requests. Departments of Human Resources are also involved in recruitment and hiring of talented staff that enables the State to achieve its development goals. In addition to this, the DHRs evaluate, analyze and report on the progress of the staff. Finally, these agencies are involved in education, learning and development of employees and learners in institutions within the state.

Targeted Population

            Departments of Human Resources target various groups of people in their states of jurisdiction. The primary targets of DHRs are the employees working in various industries and organizations in the state. These people may include managers, supervisors and their subordinates (Vermont, n.d.). Additionally, DHRs targets job seekers as they indulge in ensuring that as many people as possible in the state have access to jobs and fair wages. To ensure smooth delivery of services, it is also important to target talented Human Resource professionals who assist in serving customers. Retirees, as part of the state’s former workforce, are also targeted by DHRs and provided with retirement benefits. Finally, DHR agencies target the youthful population within the state they operate to promote learning and development. These exertions may spread to schools and institutions of higher learning.

DHR Impact on Boys and Girls Club

            Boys and Girls Clubs aid millions of children and teenagers to develop skills that are important in making long-lasting connections. The club also helps its members lead happy lives by providing them with safe places to grow, play and learn with the aid of helpful programs and activities (Parson, 2014). Departments of Human Resources aid the Boys and Girls Club at the state level via the Child Support Enforcement Divisions. This is done by ensuring that parents and guardians comply with court orders, establish paternity or collect payments for child support. These agencies are also involved in adoption, non-custodial parent location and food assistance. These programs are usually done in collaboration the Boys and Girls Club thus marking the impact of DHRs on the club.




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