Urban Studies

Assignment#4 (Group) 15% Semester : Spring Year : 2022 Course Title : CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, AND CHANGE Course Code : SFT 220 Section     Instructor :     To be completed by students Student Name   ID# 1.     2.     3.     4.     5.       MARKS Total …

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Essay (any type)

Unit 6: Individual Exam Instructions You have 24 hours to complete this exam once you start. You will have three questions and will only be able to work on one question at a time – submit a word document for each one.  You may be asked to gather information from sources and provide a brief …

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Film & Theater studies

For the final paper, you will craft an article on/about African cinema for a newspaper or a magazine (for NPR, New York Times, The New Yorker, or The Washington Post). Inspired by topics, histories, scenes, filmmakers, stylistic features, and narratives of the films viewed in class, you will write a 1000 words article to inform …

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Phase Two: Multimodal Composition The second phase of this dialogic project is a transformation of your written response into a multimodal text—one that includes audio and/or visual elements. Choosing a genre in which to re-see your response(I CHOSE A FICTIONAL SHORT STORY) IT IS ADDED IN THE ATTACHMENTS. Fiction elements will include: plot, conflict, setting, …

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Discussion Essay

Part I: Scales of Measurement and Referencing Provide at least one example of a psychological construct or attribute that can be measured in your specialization or a related profession for each scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) that is not in your Psychological Testing and Assessment text. Provide at least one example of …

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Human Resources Management (HRM)

Element 010 – Assignment Topic (3000 word essay) 100%   Utilising appropriate theoretical material, evaluate employment relations institutions and conflict resolution mechanisms of your country and/or organisation of choice.   To undertake this you should consider the following (and provide): A brief historical account of key economic, political and social development that impact employment relations. A …

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English 101

Please read strategies 40, 43, and 47 (these are strategy numbers not pages!).(in Beaty’s book) You will answer each question 3 times, once for each strategy (don’t worry strategies are short but helpful!). For each strategy: 1. Explain why this strategy is important, effective and research-based. Please cite a reference. You will find this information …

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Business Studies

The Impact of COVID-19 on one African country. Choose any country of interest to you.