Bunyan Women’s Charitable Association for Family Development

Background Information

Bunyan Women’s Charitable Association for Family Development was founded in 2011, in Riyadh city located at Kahil, Al Masif, Riyadh 12468.  A group of 63 Saudi women established the association. The primary goal for the association was to enable poor failies to be productive and independent. In achieving this goal, the association seeks to improve the social and physical conditions of the poor families.           Through the intervention of the association, has helped many families in meeting their basic daily needs. More so, the association has enabled these families to break from the grasp of poverty by working for a better future. The association empowers power families by supporting vocational training programs, education and provides awareness. Moreover, the association provides advice, assistance and provides adequate housing to the poor families.

BCA initially had 120 families. The association further developed a strategic plan that would enable them to focus on 30 more families in every six months. The plan also entailed ways through which the association would be able to gain more resources to improve and strengthen financial support for families. Families are aided through education, training and qualifying of family members who are able to learn. Such activities enable continued improvement of awareness and physical condition as a way of promoting the importance of health concerns, hygiene and religious guidance to eliminate ignorance.  Such ignorance might cause the families to return to their previous state of poverty and prevent preservation of the achievement made by BCA in improving the families.

The charity business has seen tremendous growth over the years. To date, BCA offers a wide range of programs and services such as the following:

  • Needyfamiliesprogram
  • Endowmentsprograms
  • Housingprograms
  • The studentprogram
  • Recruitment program
  • Productive Familiesprogram
  • Awarenessandeducation program
  • Seasonal Projects
  • Future projects
  • Campaigns

Although BCA continues to grow at a rapid rate, they face a critical technological challenge. BCA has a poor automated information system. The association always returns to the use of the manual information system due to the aforementioned problem. The manual information system is problematic to the association’s requirement of screening employees and volunteers as a way of ensuring safety of their clients. Therefore, developing a computerized information system for BCA would be indispensable.

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