Basically It will be about the Super Blue Blood Moon



So this one page paper to write about your opinion or experience seeing the super blue blood moon that had happened last several days.

I assigned as a critical writing but you probably have to research it as you need some idea about it or you did not have a look at it. So please write it as like you had looked at it and express it in one page but specific (tough here) but I need you to think of your own way of how to write it. Maybe like you were really surprise to see it, describe how it looks, how you felt seeing it, etc.


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Super Blue Blood Moon

The Super Blue Blood Moon occurred on 31st January 2018. It was a kind of a lunar eclipse that happens when the moon is close to its pedigree on 30th July, thus earning the description “supermoon”. Additionally, I learnt that it is referred to as a “blue moon” since it is usually the second full moon within the calendar month. It is also termed a “blood” moon in reference to the usual color of the moon when a total lunar eclipse occurs. This combination of factors, I learnt, earned the January 2018 lunar eclipse the name “Super Blue Blood Moon”.

I was able to view it for the first time in my life. Having grown up as an enthusiast of the universe and astronomy, this was a really special moment for me. Ironically, what really enthused me was that the last Super Blue Blood Moon occurred on 30th December 1982. To imagine that the last Super Blue Blood Moon happened before I was born! Additionally, the next is projected to occur in 2037, almost two decades from now. This knowledge made this lunar eclipse a really special experience for me.

Never been one to lose the opportunity to capture this rare spectacle, I took several photos of the Super Blue Blood Moon. The sight of the moon, with its distinctive shade of red and cast in a black sky, was too mesmerizing to miss. I felt a strange calm in the air as I watched the Super Blue Blood Moon lying in my backyard; almost like a Supernatural being was looking back at us from the moon. Seeing the sunrise, for the first time in a while, was unwelcome for me. I really hope I see the next Super Blue Blood Moon.

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