Asset Management

Asset Management

Responsible Party

Patients or any relevant Privacy Board should be responsible for classification and authorization of projects. Such process will allow for patient information protection. Moreover, one of the importance of project management is to ensure that managers are responsive to the environment and the clients. In the case of SouthEast Healthcare, allowing the information owners to classify and authorize it would allow managers to have a clear approach to enable them to be responsive to the clients.

Project number

A project aims at introducing new products or services in a firm. In the case of SouthEast Healthcare, the call is to improve their decision making regarding information protection. This role constitutes a single project.

Parties Involved

Parties involved in the project would be the staff, Board and the patients/ Privacy Board. The staff will be essential in ensuring that the goals of the project are attained. The board will be of essence in such as funding and providing expertise while patients/Privacy Board would be for data authorization.

External Resources

The SouthEast Healthcare has a small staff number. From the case, it is also evident that the staff could be lacking efficient information regarding information protection through the delegation of responsibilities. Therefore, it would be prudent to seek external human resources for relevant information regarding its protection.


Consensus Building

I would build a consensus through brainstorming all the possible issues related to the project. Brainstorming will allow identification of various issues that may arise during the project course and consequently deal with them by discussing them with the staff. This approach would be useful since the staff team is small.

Board of Directors Involvement

The Board of Directors will play a pivotal role especially in the funding for resources. As earlier stated, there is need for external resources. The Board of Directors will enable the funding for external resources. Moreover, the Board may be sought for expertise on the issue and will ensure holistic implementation of the project to achieve its


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