ARTH 1120 A2

If we are back to in-person classes, then you can provide me with a hardcopy of your assignment on the due date. You can also email the assignment as either a PDF or Word Document to my kpu email address. Indicate in the subject line ARTH 1120 and which writing assignment you are submitting.


Length: 750-1000 words


Museum and galleries around the world responded to the pandemic by making their collections available online. Virtual tours were possible. Public talks by curators and scholars and podcasts along with an amazing variety of content was made available. Nothing replaces standing in front of a work of art but the quality of the images online and zoom function has made it possible to study works to a remarkable degree.

These assignments are geared to providing you with an opportunity to explore the collections of museums or galleries that display works covered by this course. I want to broaden the options to allow you to also select a podcast or a public talkto comment on.

Please ensure that your selection falls within the scope of this course. If the work is from the early 1400s make sure it is a Gothic or International Style one. If in doubt, ask me. If the work does not fall within the purview of this course, I will return the assignment and give you the opportunity to resubmit it.

These are less formal writing assignments so you can personalize them. There is no need for an introduction or conclusion. Don’t forget to DOUBLE SPACE the assignment and provide a link to the source material you select.



Option 1

If you chose the gallery option, then you must determine which period you are interested in and what type of work you might want to write about. Take your time and explore the online collections of museums or galleries like the Egyptian Gallery in Cairo, National Archaeological Museum, National Museum, and Akropolis Museum in Athens, Museo delle Terme in Rome, Museo Archaeologico Nazionale in Naples, Museo Archaeologico in Reggio Calabria, The British Museum and The British Library in London, Museo Capitolino in Rome, the Uffizi  and the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale in Florence, the Vatican Museums in Rome,  the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo in Sienato list just a few of the possibilities. You can also look at works of art in the churches we have studied or the building itself if you are interested in architecture.

You can only write about one work from a stylistic period.Please do not write about any of the keywork images listed on theHandouts.


Explain why you selected this work. What did you respond to in the image? Describe the image thoroughly. Is it a typical work for this period or this artist? Why is it a good example of the artist’s work or this period? Or is the artist breaking new ground and moving art forward?


Research is not necessary. You can utilize the information provided by the museum website and footnotes are required if you do so. These are not research assignments. I want the writing assignment to be personal and reflective as you engage with the work. Please include a link to the image for my benefit.


Option 2

The wealth of content available on museum and gallery websites is amazing. Another option for the writing assignment would be to select a podcast delivered by a curator or scholar about an exhibition, the career of an artist, new scholarship on a particular work, or a documentary series about an artist or a period of art history. Again, I am trying to provide a range of options, but this isn’t a comprehensive list. Many of the museums previously listed offer a remarkable array of things to watch or listen to. The Iris at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is worth checking out. Provide a review of what you have watched or listened to. Be critical. What did you learn? Imagine you were at this event and design one or two thoughtful questions that you would pose to this individual. Please include a link for my benefit.


Documentaries on Knowledge Network and PBS tend to be very good and worth watching. I cannot say the same for random documentaries found online. You need to be critical.

Ensure your selection is appropriate. Avoid short informational videos available on museum or gallery websites that explain a work.


All for of your assignments can be acombination of Option1 and Option 2. I have developed a 3rdoption for the final assignment that is due on April 5th that provides you with an opportunity to look back at the images you have been introduced to during this course.

Option 3

This option is restricted to Assignment #4. Imagine that the pandemic is over, and it is safe to travel again [and funds are not an issue]. List 3-4 works that you have seen in this course that you would like to see. Explain why you selected these works, what drew you to them. Rationales can be both positive and negative. You can select examples of painting, sculpture, drawings, prints or architecture. Your answers must be thoughtful, reflective and display an engagement with the works you have selected. Are you surprised by the images you have selected? Did these images provide you with solace during this very difficult time? If so, explain why.

Yes, you can write about Keyworks for this submission.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

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