Application: Microsoft and IDEO

Application: Microsoft and IDEO

IDEO is a design consultancy firm in the US. The company designs icons of technology and household items. This firm is the largest consultancy firm in the United States. The company has been successful in its operations due to its design of products that prioritize the customer. The company uses a design-thinking model that helps a company to evaluate the needs of human beings and therefore design products that offer best services to the customer. IDEO also uses video mapping to monitor the experience of the customer with their product or services. The company also has conducted many interviews to understand the experience of customers during consumption. Moreover, the company uses prototyping that has enabled the company to test the products before releasing it for use by the customers.

However, in spite of the company’s success, it has faced a difficult challenge in its research processes. The challenge results from the method of research that solely depend on the interactions with the customers. Some customers may not respond accordingly during the interviews conducted by the research groups in the company. A customer may be concerned about their privacy while responding to the interviews.

IDEO’s primary work is to help other business people and companies to succeed in service delivery. Consequently, it is crucial for the company to create awareness in the market. The company is crucial in researching, business’s problem analysis and in providing their solutions to achieve more benefit. Improved business performance would be of crucial importance to the growth of the economy of US.

Microsoft is a software company with worldwide success. The company’s success emanates from the marketing strategies it uses to convince the customers about their product. For instance, the company has expanded its business into other areas such as music and video players (Doole & Lowe, 2008). Another strategy involves upgrading the company’s products to reflect the dynamic needs of the customers. Another strategy involves the use of the slogan “Where do you want to go?” Moreover, the company has been successful in overtaking its competitors. It has achieved better market positioning through the incorporation of additional products such as internet explorer at no price. The company also uses campaigns to maintain its economic status during the low business performance. For instance, when its performance went down after the release of Vista, it launched the slogan “Windows Life Without Walls.” This campaign enabled the company to re-establish its competence in the software business.

The slogan “I’m a PC” aims at helping Microsoft to have a grip of the customers in the market and consequently raise the profit. This campaign has significantly contributed to the company’s penetration of the market. Furthermore, the campaign helped to raise the employee’s morale and win its customer’s loyalty. However, the campaign holds the disadvantage of incorporating other software’s programs that improved its efficiency in service delivery. Microsoft’s acknowledgement of the Apple’s campaign is necessary. It has enabled the company to the best services to its consumers. Moreover, the acknowledgement of Apple’s campaign enabled Microsoft to have deep engagement with its customers.







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