Application Essay/Personal Statement



Question 1
What makes you an ideal candidate for this summer internship abroad program? List any classes, experiences, research, etc. that you feel have prepared you for this program, and makes you a better candidate than your peers.
Question 2
What do you expect from a summer internship abroad? What challenges do you expect to encounter? How will you cope with these challenges?
Essay Question 3
Discuss a matter that you once thought you knew for certain, but have since learned to question

I am applying for a summer internship abroad, and I need to answer these 3 questions. I am expecting a high-quality writing that will make me stand out. More details on the attachment. Roughly around 600 words total, putting more emphasis on question 1 and 2.



Sample Application Essay


Application Essay/ Personal Statement

Question 1

I believe that my past experiences, internships, entrepreneurial opportunities and the classes I have attended have effectively prepared me for this program. While interning at Fabric Selection last summer, I managed to develop a 20-page marketing plan in relation to how the organization could improve its services. The marketing plan received approval from the management. Carrying out this research provided me with skills that I believe will be suitable for the internship. I have also attended various total language immersion programs and classes relating to Experiential Learning Center. I have learnt how to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds through communication. This will be helpful in the program as I will be able to overcome communication barriers when relating with people who do not belong to my culture.

My success in relation to my academic experiential background is also an indication that I have always been unconditionally committed to becoming a marketing professional. I also have the nature of self-determinism. I like gaining new knowledge to improve my skills and I am prepared to overcome any challenge that may hinder me from achieving my goals. My attributes, education background, experiences and knowledge in various field especially those related to cultural diversity are a clear indication that I am suited for this program.

Question 2

I expect that the summer internship abroad will help me gain more experience by improving my skills and expounding my knowledge relating to my field. An internship abroad will provide me with more experience and exposure to different cultures; a fact that will be pertinent in my working in future. In relation to the competitive nature of the job market in the modern world, gaining knowledge and acquiring skills through the internship abroad will give me the confidence of having a prospective career. Apart from developing professionally, I also expect to develop on a personal level.

I will be forced to adapt to different challenges such as those that relate to intercultural communication.  With cultural diversity being a necessity in the job market, the internship program will provide me with the right experience in a multicultural environment. I also expect that this program will instill the confidence in me that I can work in any part of the world. Experiencing challenges during the program is another area that I expect. One of the challenges that I expect to encounter relates to cross-cultural barriers especially language differences. I will meet people who are from cultural backgrounds that I have never interacted with in the past such as the local people of Thailand. I intend to overcome this challenge by making an honest effort to familiarize myself with local cultural norms. I will also befriend locals and colleagues who are familiar with the language and ask for advice and tips regarding the effective means of authentically interacting with strangers. The experience I have regarding learning new languages will also help me to adapt to the new culture and interacting with others. Overcoming this challenge will contribute to improving my experience relating to gender diversity.

Question 3

I used to think that it is not necessary to have an objection regarding employees’ actions in a working place as I assumed that all employees work towards improving an organization. During my internship last summer, one of the secretaries, who had worked there for over ten years, was involved in check fraud case. The secretary had forged a check and the manager approved it as he did not confirm its legitimacy. The company lost considerable amount money through the action. I, therefore, learnt that it is important to be careful at work and not to assume that others have done the right thing without confirming.

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