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1:  Your chosen profession

  • IS manager

2: Search Process

  1. a) Search engine(s) used:
  1. b) Keyword(s) used:
  • IS manager
  • IS manager as an occupation
  • IS manager job description
  • IS manager roles


  1. c) Summary of how technology is used in your profession (about half a page)

Information systems Managers (IS managers) is a professional who helps implement aspects related to information technology in the organization and oversees various IT professionals within the firm. IS manager is tasked with information systems planning, installing information systems and maintaining information systems such as upgrading hardwares and softwares.  Technology in the IS profession is used in marketing the firm’s information system. As such, the IS manager organizes the Big Data retrieved from various organization departments in a logical and accessible manner for use by sales and marketing managers or researchers within the organization. This helps the business to monitor the performance of the firm and identify the obstacles and opportunities available in the firm. The marketing information system developed by the IS manager collects data from the internal and external environments.

The data collected is then analyzed and processed to offer relevant information. Besides, the data developed can be stored for future reference and retrieved when need be. IS managers also use databases to manage information within organizations. IS management involves building databases designed according to the needs of the company. The IS specialist develops a system through which massive amounts of data is stored and retrieved within minutes when need be. IS managers also help in offering data mining services in the firm. The databases developed by the specialists summarize reports and information regarding the firm which supports decision making. Data mining involves the use of sophisticated technology to get information from the database hence identify the useful trends in the market.

3: Job Search
a) Website/job site you found the job at:

  • Monster Worldwide Inc (US)
  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Graduate prospects Ltd (GB)
  1. b) Keyword(s) used:
  • IS manager job description
  • IS manager skills required
  • IS manager job profile
  • IS manager career
  1. c) Technical skills/technology background needed to succeed in the job.

The Information Systems manager ought to have experience in:

  • Technical support
  • Computer operations
  • Project management
  • System programming

4: Article about technology usage in your field
a) Article citation (e.g., in APA or MLA format)

Valacich, J., & Schneider, C. (2015). Information Systems Today: Managing in a Digital World Plus MyMISLab with Pearson eText–Access Card Package. Prentice Hall Press.

  1. b) Summary of how technology is used in your field (1-2 paragraphs). Focus on how technology is improving or changing the way business is done.

IS management has entirely changed the way people communicate within organizations. As opposed to communicating through offline media platforms, firms have embraced social media as the main form of communication. Most of the organizations use company websites, Facebook, Whatsapp, E-mails and Twitter to communicate to the employees, customers and shareholders. Social media offers a relatively simpler and inexpensive way of communicating to the stakeholders. Besides, other firms use live-chat, online meetings and video conferencing to communicate to the stakeholders. The increased use of the Internet-based platforms in communication is facilitated by the increased use of smartphones due to their affordability.

IS management is also used to enhance company/ consumer relationships through data mining. In this case, organizations use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to record buyer behavior such as purchase information, number of items bought, type of products and the amount of money used. The company then uses integrated data mining strategies to detect important trends among the consumers such as tastes, preferences and expectations. The company can use such information to segment consumers according to their likes and dislikes. Also, the firm can understand the products needed by various income groups within the audience group. As such, CRM enables the firm to establish meaningful reciprocal relationships with consumers hence develop consumer loyalty and commitment to the products and also align the needs of the firm with those of the consumers.



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