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Assignment: Create a postcard about the earliest time period of Philadelphia as assigned below. This is intended to be a fun assignment. While there were no postcards during this period, but do some research to ground it in historical reality and be creative. Write a message that could have been written to relate what was going on in that period. Prepare a 6” x 9” card with text and address on one side and an image on the other. The image may be collaged from pre-printed materials, hand-drawn, or a combination. Text may be computer-generated. About 200 words is recommended as a minimum. We will share these in class. Use the opportunity to teach your colleagues something about your topic.

TOPIC : Francis Daniel Pastorius to William Penn, about slavery, 1688.

Research all of these by watching the two videos, do the assigned readings, then look at the other references. For the postcard, concisely capture one of the following for the image and a postcard-length message):
Appearance of the land
Land use
Land ownership
Living places
Way of life
A significant event

Here are some useful references, but you may need to add your own:

Francis Daniel Pastorius:

Quaker Protest Against Slavery in the New World, Germantown (Pa.) 1688: See: Thursday, April 13, 2006 section. By Katie kleinefische


Sample Postcard Assignment Paper


Hi William Penn,

Much greetings from Germantown! Despite my late arrival to the colonies, I have been able to visit a few settlements. I still marvel at the sight of sprawling plantations that folks are growing here – what a sight! I honestly don’t regret leaving Germany.

Despite the apparent success that you are having at Philadelphia, I am perturbed by your use of slaves to work these plantations. As a matter of fact, my fellow German Quakers agree that slavery should be abolished. None of these slaves came here by choice; I hear some of them were stolen from as far as East Africa. And I’m sure you are aware of the shacks you house them in and the horrible food you feed them. Totally shameful, especially considering all the work they do on your plantations. This is not only unfair, dear William, but also unchristian. I, however, doubt that you share my resent for slavery; I hear you British Quakers own thousands of negroes.

Anyway, I wanted you to be the first to know that my fellow Germans and I have agreed to formally protest and denounce slavery. We signed a petition this morning in the town hall. I know this won’t be a popular decision for you Brits, but hey, this is the way to go. This is the start of a revolution, William, and I hope you choose to be on the right side of freedom.


Francis Daniel Pastorius.

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